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Coupeville April 20, 2009

Posted on April 20, 2009
Greetings from Whidbey Island!
Thanks for visiting my new Blog.  I'll do my best to keep you informed, inspired, and perhaps intrigued a bit about Island life here in the Pacific Northwest.  

Today is a gloriously sunny day here in Coupeville, and from my office I can report that the Mountains are out, the winds are light, and folks have been finding their way back to the Islands.  Scarcely a person comes to Front Street, the row of Historic buildings along Penn Cove, without walking down the inviting Wharf shown  here.  Usually they have a huge ice cream cone in hand from Kapaw's, but if not, they usually can't resist a perfect latte or slice of freshly baked pie from Local Grown.  The views are breathtakingly lovely here, so much so that a travel writer observed that on Whidbey Island one simply has to turn one's head to see a beautiful vista.

Most folks just love to talk about real estate, and often pop in to my office just to dream a bit about a future dream retirement home or weekend getaway cottage.  Many of our new "locals" enthusiastically supporting our wonderful community life began their transition to Island life just that way.  We have such outstanding B&Bs and Inns here on Whidbey Island, that draw people seeking beauty, a slower pace, beaches and trails to walk, outstanding restaurants, art galleries, fun shops and a taste of Island life.  Many have been featured over the years in a book about the Northwest's Best Place to Kiss.  Truly, Whidbey is very romantic, whether strolling Ebey's Landing hand-in-hand, kayaking side by side in Penn Cove's often tranquil waters, or simply gazing at a perfect sunset over the Olympic Mountains.

Recently, out sailing, I had the great fortune to see a gray whale in the the Passage between Camano and Whidbey. I'd seen pods of Orcas while sailing, and love the playful Dahl's porpoise that leap up when you least expect them, but it was my 1st sighting of the Gray, with it's mottled gray skin and huge tail that seems to sink into the water in slow motion.

I just had the nicest folks pop in the office visiting from Burlington and Mount Vernon, wondering about the real estate market here.  Great news for them is that we have tons of houses and land on the market, enough to last about 3 years at the current rate folks are buying.  Quite a change from a few years back.  With prices reduced about 20%, interest rates at record lows, and an $8000 tax credit for people who haven't owned a home in 3 years, it is a good time to be a buyer, definitely.  

For Sellers, being competitively priced and in really ship-shape condition makes all the difference.  Being up to date on the other homes in the same price range, looking on the internet or touring open houses helps you to see your home through a prospective buyer's eyes.  It is tough to feel that it is worth making an offer on a property that seems really overpriced for its condition or the market.  Today's buyers are even more value conscious.  Often, they have come from markets that have suffered much more than our own.  Still, they have fallen in love with this Island, and will stretch a bit to live here.

Off for a hike along the stretch of beach below the Admiralty Head Lighthouse at Ft. Casey.  

Hope to see you here soon.




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