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Whidbey Island Commercial Properties

Posted on April 21, 2009
Whidbey Island Commercial Property Investments
Amazingly enough, people who are lucky enough to own some of Whidbey Island's choicest retail buildings actually decide to sell from time to time.  Today,  I put a great Front Street building, Mariner's Court, on the market for some clients.  Pictured below, it is part of our Island History, located directly across from the Wharf and the Island County Historical Museum.
Last Saturday, I was treated to an enlightening program hosted by the Historical Museum at our "Rec" Hall in Coupeville, featuring 5 women who had grown up on the Island in the 1920's and 30's.  Hearing their recollections...local characters like "Blue Nose", the entire town rushing to the fire at the Central Hotel (now the site of the Penn Cove Gallery), mothers casting  smelt with their skirts, huge crowds at the early Water Festivals,  a movie theater on Front Street that cost a dime to attend and so much more.  Mariner's Court was part of the history, and at one point housed some freezer lockers the women remembered their families using.
More on that to come...      

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